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(each one costs about $1600)

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1st. Alienware 18 Extreme

2st. MSI GT60 2PE Dominator Pro

3st. MSI GS30 2M Shadow

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Top Casual / Office Laptops:

1st. Lenovo B50-70

2st. HP 250 G3

3st. DELL Inspiron 3000

(each one costs about $300)

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Samsung Smart TV 48J5200


Samsung Smart TV 48J5200 is your Smart Tv ? And you have problems with internet connection speed ? Problems like youtube videos are loading very slow, facebook videos are not working or have a long loading before play any video ? Then you need to update your firmware. How ? download new firmware from here and follow instructions very careful.

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How to install the fix

First, you need to have a USB memory stick or an SD Card with USB extension

Then download file to your memory stick or sd card and then follow instructions from download page !

What this firmware can fix for you ?

Internet connection speed, fix slow navigate on youtube, browsing the web speed will be inreased, watch videos better than before, facebook issue fix, Internet very heavy load, boost internet connection speed, boost yotube, improve overall performance, Samsung Smart TV 48J5200 will be more stable, Samsung Smart TV 48J5200 internet boost, blank screen apps, youtube app is not working, Samsung Smart TV 48J5200 not working proper, downloads, download new firmware, download better driver, download upgrade

Also by installing new firmware, you can fix Samsung Smart TV 48J5200 yotube black screen issue

Samsung Smart TV 48J5200 takes too much time to load youtube app or videos

Fix lag between remote and tv for Samsung Smart TV 48J5200 by installing new firmware from above !

Samsung Smart TV 48J5200 - How to fix slow loading and running youtube or facebook on my TV

Samsung Smart TV 48J5200

Also is compatible with these models: Samsung Smart TV 48J5200

Article created on: 2016-01-19 for Smart TV fans !