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Freezing issues for DELL Precision 3510


DELL Precision 3510 is a very good laptop and sometimes you need to adjust settings to fix it. If your notebook is freezing after few seconds or minutes after windows is starting up, then maybe is a problem with your windows, laptop failure or hard disk failure.

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We suspected there following problems:

Possible solutions

1a. Your windows have some errors or drivers are incompatible.

1b. Try to clean your operating system with this program and update chipset driver (you have link above to drivers)

2a. Your laptop have a failure and needs to be reset

2b. Remove battery for 5 minutes and also remove RAM for 1 minute (see here how)

The most possible issue is this:

3a, Your hard disk have bad sectors and you can fix those bad sectors but is not so easy.

First be sure that you have some time because this operation can take few minutes or HOURS. Download bad sector repair program from here, install it and then run it.

Now select your Hard Drive then press and keep 2 seconds right mouse click and then select Verify or Repair Bad Tracs

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DELL Precision 3510 is freezing on desktop when or after windows is starting up

Post created by: Sorin B. on 2016-03-01