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Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB is not starting


Your Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB have one of these problems ?

My laptop is not starting / power up anymore and is stays black screen

So, you have to choose a way to fix this from above guide.

 Download more >> 


First thing to do is to remove Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB laptop battery (you have tutorial here)

Second is to remove Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB RAM dimms from slots for 1 minute or so ..also you have a guide here.

Last chance to see if you can repair this problem is to test your Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB laptop display with a PC monitor

How to test it ?

First be sure that when you press power button, hard disk is blinking and fan noise is present. Otherwise..this method won`t work.

Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB

What to do if Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB is not starting and stays black screen - Nothing happening

Cannot start anymore, Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB is not working anymore, i can`t power up, Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB have only black screen, only fan is running, Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB dead, wont turn on, my laptop is not start

Acer Extensa EX2510-34NB

Post created by: Sorin B. on 2015-09-13