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Top Gaming Laptops:

2015 versions



(each one costs about $1600)

Extreme Laptops for Gaming

1st. Alienware 18 Extreme

2st. MSI GT60 2PE Dominator Pro

3st. MSI GS30 2M Shadow

 See why i said that 

Top Casual / Office Laptops:

1st. Lenovo B50-70

2st. HP 250 G3

3st. DELL Inspiron 3000

(each one costs about $300)

 See why i said that 

Best search engine:

Best video site


ASUS R556LB 2015 Laptop Model


Fix issues for: Webcam Camera

My built in webcam is not working for skype or facebook, it says that my webcam is not connected and have black screen !

ASUS R556LB webcam camera driver - Download webcam driver for free - See more >

Fix issues for: Card Reader

SD cards, MicroSD cards not working proper, my device cannot read my pictures and movies !

ASUS R556LB memory card reader driver - Download card reader driver for free - See more >

Fix issues for: Sound - Audio

If your sound is too low or maybe is too loud or even when you don`t have sound / audio at all, you need a better sound driver !

ASUS R556LB sound / audio driver - Download sound driver for free - See more >

Fix issues for: Wireless - Lan Network Internet

Your wireless internet connection or lan / network cable connection is not working normaly or not working at all ? Get new driver !

ASUS R556LB wireless - wifi - lan driver - Download wireless driver for free - See more >

Fix issues for: Bluetooth device

Bluetooth not working and you cannot transfer any files through bluetooth connection ? Then get better driver for bluetooth.

ASUS R556LB bluetooth driver - Download driver for free - See more >

Fix issues for: Touchpad virtual mouse

If your touchpad (virtual mouse) is not working normaly, then you must have latest touchpad driver installed to fix this issue.

ASUS R556LB touchpad driver - Download touchpad driver for free - See more >

Fix issues for: USB 3.0 / 3.1 and Motherboard chipset

If you have problems with usb 3.0 or 3.1 you must install usb driver. Even if your usb port is not recognized by windows.

ASUS R556LB usb 3.0 driver - Download usb chipset driver for free - See more >

Fix issues for: Video Graphics Adapter

To play video games and watch FullHD movies, you need to have latest updated video driver everytime, so update it now !

ASUS R556LB video card driver - Download graphics driver for free - See more >

Also you can download drivers that are not present on this website from here

More fixes / tutorials

We can teach you how to play video games with more frames per second (fps) by setting up your dedicated video card !

How to use ASUS R556LB to play video games better than before if dedicated video card is available - See more >

If your screen is too darken and you want it more brighter, then you need to follow our guide from bellow.

How to adjust the screen brightness and bring more light and color on your ASUS R556LB - See more >

Your laptop / notebook is not starting anymore ? you see only a black screen and you hear fan noise ? see our guides.

What to do if ASUS R556LB is not starting and stays black screen - Nothing happening - See more >

If your laptop is freezing after a while on desktop or when browsing on internet, youtube, facebook or skype:

ASUS R556LB is freezing on desktop when or after windows is starting up - See more >


Post created by: Sorin B. on 2015-10-01