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Top Gaming Laptops:

2015 versions



(each one costs about $1600)

Extreme Laptops for Gaming

1st. Alienware 18 Extreme

2st. MSI GT60 2PE Dominator Pro

3st. MSI GS30 2M Shadow

 See why i said that 

Top Casual / Office Laptops:

1st. Lenovo B50-70

2st. HP 250 G3

3st. DELL Inspiron 3000

(each one costs about $300)

 See why i said that 

Best search engine:

Best video site

Fallout 4 Build and assign artillery at the Castle


First, build one artillery or more and then to complete quest, just press and hold V, go near a settler and press E to command and then go to artillery and Assign that Settler and it is done. Now you can use artillery and also you can complete the mission.


Use Workshop menu to command a settler to use artillery

You still do NOT understand ?

 See video gameplay with this 

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Fallout 4 Build and assign artillery at the Castle

Tips for Fallout 4

1. Spend points to AP regeneration (+50% faster)

2, Learn Science perk to build powerfull weapons

3. Scrap metals from your inventory by dropping the itemes inside settlements and use Workshop to scrap precious metals

4. Heal radiation for 40 Caps in Diamond City or on Brothehoods of Steel ship.

5. Sleep to heal yourself in Fallout 4 game

Post created by: Sorin B. on 2015-11-16