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Top Gaming Laptops:

2015 versions



(each one costs about $1600)

Extreme Laptops for Gaming

1st. Alienware 18 Extreme

2st. MSI GT60 2PE Dominator Pro

3st. MSI GS30 2M Shadow

 See why i said that 

Top Casual / Office Laptops:

1st. Lenovo B50-70

2st. HP 250 G3

3st. DELL Inspiron 3000

(each one costs about $300)

 See why i said that 

Best search engine:

Best video site

Fallout 4 Better weapons skill

Do you have a favorite weapon and want to make it stronger ? Then you need to invest some points and perks.

1. Go to Weapons Workbench

2. Select your favorite weapon

3, Select the improvement that you want to make and look in right to see what you need

General message is: You lack the requirements to create this item.

4. Open Pip-boy (pres TAB) then press T to open perks

5. Now scroll down to Gun Nut (3th row) and add points

6. If you don`t have enough points, come back later after you playing more.

7. If you need more INT then add point to Intelligence first

That`s it.


Note! But, if you want to see how exactly to do that, then watch our video. Or if you don`t know how to add points or something.

 Video Gameplay available here - More Guides for you 

Fallout 4 How to increase Fire Rate - Range - Accuracy and Damage to your favorite weapon

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Post created by: Sorin B. on 2015-11-19