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Top Gaming Laptops:

2015 versions



(each one costs about $1600)

Extreme Laptops for Gaming

1st. Alienware 18 Extreme

2st. MSI GT60 2PE Dominator Pro

3st. MSI GS30 2M Shadow

 See why i said that 

Top Casual / Office Laptops:

1st. Lenovo B50-70

2st. HP 250 G3

3st. DELL Inspiron 3000

(each one costs about $300)

 See why i said that 

Best search engine:

Best video site

Fallout 4 gain better prices from vendors (video included)

Fallout 4 have some methods to buy ammo, weapons, armors, aluminum, crystal, stimpak, radaway etc cheaper that before ! How to do that ?

1. Go to Big John`s Salvage

Is above Jamaica Plain and left from castle

2. Be aware ! is full of Super Mutants with Big Guns (minigun fully loaded and ready to rock you)! They will kill Brotherhood of Steel ship and 3 soldiers

Or find a better spot to kill super muntant from distance not like me. I`ve kill all mutants from open ground and was quite hard to do that.

3. Look for that cabin in the air and there is on table inside.


Note! Do you want to see and video where is located on map ? Do you NOT understand where is that ? You need more help to find that magazine ? Well, you can watch a video with exact location.

Watch video gameplay here

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Fallout 4 Permanently gain better prices from vendors - Location on map guide

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Post created by: Sorin B. on 2015-11-19